KAL Redo

As I mentioned on Friday, my Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl was looking like this:

Now it’s looking much better (and my counts are spot on):

I didn’t actually get to casting on again until yesterday afternoon which means I haven’t really gotten all that far, but I’m halfway through row 3 of a 6 row chart, so I’m getting there.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I had to have an eye exam and I picked up my new glasses yesterday:

I apologize for my super frizzy hair, the weather here has been so humid I can’t do anything with it, though at least today it’s rainign, which¬†should¬†help with the humidity a bit.

Not much more progress on anything else. Hopefully I’ll have made some good progress by the time I post on Wednesday. Who knows, I might update this post later tonight when I finish part A of the KAL. Maybe… possibly…. if I remember.

Hope everyone has a happy (and dry!) Monday!


Comments welcome! :)

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