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Some Progress

There isn’t progress on everything but I’ve made progress on my Maeva socks, my Summer Solstice Mystery KAL, and my modified Honey Cowl. I also got more fiber to spin from Zarzuela’s Fibers.

So let’s just go down the list, shall we?

Maeva: I finished the second chart and am about to start the gusset on the foot which is where a number of increases are worked to form the shape of the foot.

Summer Solstice Mystery KAL: Part B came out yesterday and I managed to get all the way through it yesterday as well. Part C comes out July 3, I can’t wait, it’s starting to look really nice (even if there are a ton of knupps).

Honey Cowl: moving along nicely, the pattern is so simple I don’t even have to look at my hands to knit it. It’s simple, squishy, and looks great with the yarn I spun.

And the fiber I got. It’s Bluefaced Leicester and it feels very different from the Merino I spun before. But it’s soft and fluffy and I could barely bring myself to stop petting it last night when I opened the package.

Hope everyone’s having a good hump day! I’ll see you Friday.


2 thoughts on “Some Progress

    1. I don’t think knupps are that bad, just a little time consuming. Because of the different projects I’m working on I know 5 or 6 different ways to make them now. Maeva is a great pattern (if the needle size is a little small), I hope you enjoy it!

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