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Quickie Projects

Every once in a while you start a project that you know you can finish quickly so that you can just get something done.

Friday, I started one of those projects.

I started the Springtime Bandit project that’s available for free on Ravelry. It uses aran weight yarn on large needles and only takes about 400 yards. A nice easy and quick project.

Also, my Weasley sweater is slowly growing its second sleeve, and Maeva has a few more rows but not real visible progress.

Everything else is just kinda floating around. I’ve been in a reading/writing mood, rather than a knitting mood. I go through phases like that. It’s not that I’ve given up on knitting, far from it! These are just small setbacks.

And, poor Millie got a cold, probably from the change in environment, she’s going to the vet tomorrow for a checkup.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I’ll see you on Wednesday.


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