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Finishing Up

Or well, that’s what I’m hoping to do at least.

The second sleeve of my Weasley sweater is slowly growing. I’ve managed to finish 46 rows, though I took this picture earlier today.

My hand is there to hold it flat because the stockinette likes to curl (like it always is wont to do).

The Springtime Bandit is also coming along. I have 25 rows left on that and then the bind off. Then I have to block. Fun times! I honestly think that blocking is currently the part I dislike most about knitting. The piece is done, but it’s not well,Β done. Which I honestly find a little annoying.

Anyway, just a quick update here, and I hope everyone has been enjoying their very lucky Friday!

PS: If you want to know more about why Friday the 13th’s are considered bad luck, check out the Wikipedia article about it, it’s quite interesting.


Comments welcome! :)

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