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Child At Heart

Did anyone see the How to Train Your Dragon movie? If you know me, you know I love it. I’ll watch it at the drop of a hat. In fact I own both the DVD and the Blu-Ray version so that I can watch it on my computer and at home. I have read the books it is based off of, however I like the movie better (just a personal preference).

So, with that said, I got to see the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular in Worcester, MA on Saturday. And it was awesome.

The show was amazing. Just different enough from the movie that I couldn’t exactly predict what was going to happen next which was great. There were even some characters from the book like Camikaze, which was nice to see.

My boyfriend and I saw the 3pm show and had great seats. Four rows back from the floor. Have I mentioned it was awesome? I didn’t care that the place was full of little kids that I kept tripping over (seriously, half of them didn’t come up to my waist, and I am not a tall person), and that there probably weren’t many other 20-something’s there without kids, but damn, I had a blast.

There was also knitting. During the intermission I pulled the “Honey Cowl” I’ve been working on out of my purse and sat there wearing my Toothless hat (that’s me in the very first picture with said hat), and a light up necklace on with the silhouette of a Night Fury on it (also, I had to spellcheck ‘silhouette’ – I can say it and know what it means but I can never, for the life of me, spell it).

In other knitting new I found my Knupps and Crosses scarf! So I was working on that today at work as there wasn’t much going on.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good Monday and I’ll ya’ll on Wednesday!


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