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Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl – Complete

It’s finished! The final piece of the pattern came out yesterday and I finished it this morning! I bound off and took this picture at the desk:

It still needs to be blocked of course (like a lot of other things I have that still need to be blocked).

One of these days I’m finally going to buy blocking boards (or those foam floor pads they have for kids), and block everything. As soon as I remember to get those things. Right….

In other news, I’ve been driving a new way to campus for work because of some road construction and I found a new yarn shop! It’s not just a yarn shop but I checked out their website and they seem to have a nice collection. I’m hoping to stop by on my way home one day. Unfortunately, they aren’t open at the time of day I drive by in the morning.

I’ve also finally managed to put a few more rows on Maeva. Honestly, at this point, if I didn’t have the first sock, I think I’d frog it and use the yarn for something else. However, I do have one sock, and I would like that one sock to have a matching sock, so I’m going to finish this one, but really, it might take me until the end of the year at the rate I’m going.

My Weasley Sweater is still slowly growing an arm. Honestly, It’s been way WAY too hot here to have all of that yarn in my lap. 90+ degree days are not really conducive to knitting. I think that’s why I’ve been focusing on the smaller projects, that won’t make me sweat bullets by holding them. In a similar vein I have 19 rows left on the “Sprintime Bandit” shawlette that I started a couple weeks ago. The annoying thing is that the rows keep getting longer so it takes longer to knit each one so it seems to be taking even longer to finish. I know it should be expected, but it started and grew so quickly that I thought it would be a fast project but these final rows are a killer.

In other news, Smokey’s being exceptionally cute today:

This one was taken with my webcam while he was in my lap. He actually does this a lot, sometime he even falls asleep.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday!


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