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Finished Object: Maeva

Yup, you read that right. They’re finally finished. After 8 months – I started those during NaNoWriMo back in November!

I still have to block them (I need to block a lot of things) and weave in the ends, but other than that, they are complete! The toe is a little boxy, but i have rather odd shaped feet so I’m not surprised.

And here they are!

They ended up a little taller than I thought they would, and the black color makes it near impossible to see the pattern, but I’m still quite proud of the fact that I stuck through it and finished them. I actually finished them on Saturday while my boyfriend played Metal Gear Solid 3 – the combination worked out nicely  – other than the cats going after my yarn though.

I know I won’t be repeating the pattern anytime soon. These were knit on US0 size needles (that’s 2mm for all you metric folks), with fingering weight yarn, the cables on the foot were really fiddly and overall, they were just a pain. Don’t get me wrong, the pattern is well written and easy to follow, however, the combination of yarn, needle, and pattern, for me, means that I won’t be repeating them anytime soon.

There is other knitting news for you folks as well.

Some progress has been made on the Slytherin scarf for my friend. I’m still chugging away at the final rows on Springtime Bandit. My Weasley sweater is still slowly growing an arm (it’s still far to warm to have that much yarn in my lap at once). On top of that my Knupps and Crosses scarf has gained a few rows (though I had to untangle the lace weight…. trust me, it’s not fun – not fun at all). Finally, I started a pair of anklet socks using a single skein of Red Heart & Sole in ‘Mellow Stripe’ that I had lying around since I used the other skein I had of it for a scarf. I should be able to get both anklets out of the single skein. If worse comes to worse, I still have a little left over of the other one that I can use if I run a little short (but I don’t think I will).


Did you know that there are two main schools of knitting? English and continental, or throwing and picking. Basically, it comes down to what hand you hold the yarn in and how you wrap it around the needle. They both give you the same result, just the process is different. I’m self taught as an English/Throwing knitter, but I’ve been practicing as a Continental/Picker recently because I like the economy of motion from picking. It’s less wrist movement which should be less strain. We’ll see how it goes. Learning to hold the yarn in my other hand does take some getting use to but I’m working on it. In face, All that I’ve knit of the anklet sock so far has been in Continental and theo nly difference is my gauge is a little tighter because I’m still figuring out how to tension the yarn properly.


Most of my afternoon today was spent teaching my friend Scott how to knit. I only managed the cast on (long tail) and the knit stitch, but he seemed pleased with that so far. I think part of the reason he wanted to learn was that he’s been watching me knit for over a year at this point as we sat in the same area for work study on campus. I’m quite glad he asked me where to start and I’m quite happy to help a friend.

I also stopped by my local library today. I had a couple things to take care of, and I went down to look at the waterfall on the river behind it. There was a new walkway down to the water and I figured I’d check it out. There was even a plaque explaining about the history of the dam.

Also, Smokey and Millie are beginning to get along quite nicely.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


Comments welcome! :)

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