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Down to One

I’m actually down to one WIP. That’s right. One. I’ve finished or frogged five projects in the past week and a half. Frogged: Anklet socks and Honey Cowl. Finished: Owlings Hand warmers, Weasley Sweater, and the second Slytherin Scarf.

First off, the frogged ones.

The “Honey Cowl” because I’m going to knit the longer version instead of the short one. I would prefer the ability to wrap it around my neck rather than have it just sit there.

“Anklet” socks. I realized that I never actually wear anklet socks. They annoy me, having them at my ankle like that simply annoys me. So I ripped it out and wound up the yarn.

Now, for what I’ve finished.

The Slytherin scarf was first. My friend came by and picked it up on Saturday. I mentioned more about it in my last post.

Now, the biggy. The Weasley Sweater. My first sweater. I finished sewing the seams and working in all the ends. It used a way to sew the final seams that I had to look up. The way it’s seamed you can’t really see the seam at all. Of course, the pattern could be worked in the round, but as I hadn’t ever knit a sweater before… yeah. I’m quite pleased with it!

I wasn’t able to take a good picture of myself, but I’m still proud of it! It’s nice and warm. I wore it this morning because it wasn’t even 60F when I left the house this morning.





And there you have it! I should probably roll the cuffs to make the sleeves a little shorter (they’re that long to work in all the required decreased for the shaping), but I have baggier and larger sweatshirts so I’m not worried about its size.

Second thing I finished today actually (the sweater was finished yesterday), was a pair of the Owlings hand warmers. I started them last night as a quick project and they sure were quick!

I had totally forgotten how little time some smaller projects take. I’ve been working on big things recently and so I didn’t realize just how quick some quick things could be. I’ve come across this pattern a few times and I decided to just go with it.






That’s it! I’m still working on Knupps and Crosses and will probably be casting on another few projects in the coming days.


Comments welcome! :)

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