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Hello August

As you may have known if you looked at a calendar today, it’s the first of August. That means I start classes again in a month and fly to Florida for a week in two weeks.

Fun times. I also cast on yesterday for a shawl called “In the Pink”. I think I’m on a shawl kick right now. They’re just so much fun!


I got the yarn on sale because this color way (called Bonfire) is being discontinued. Yes they are all the same color way and yes they are all the same dye lot. I probably won’t use all of it on this project. I’ll probably be able to get two things out of these. The yarn’s quite fuzzy though, so I don’t like the idea of having to tink back or frog if I mess anything up.


It looks so very interesting when wound up! You can really see the color changes then.


You can see the beginning of the spiral pattern for the center of the back. The center will be a circle, however, as I’m using DPN’s for the beginning, it looks rather square.

Here’s a picture I borrowed from here of the same shawl made with the same yarn by someone else:

Hopefully mine will look just as nice when it’s done. We’ll have to see.


Comments welcome! :)

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