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(and knitting)

I may not talk about it much but I actually love baking. Today I got it in my head to bake some scones. I love the cinnamon chip ones from Starbucks but they’re rather on the expensive side (though very good).

Yes, there has been knitting of the sock variety as well.

First, the scones. I got the recipe from here, and it’s quite good. (I took a rather lot of pictures.)

All the ingredients.
Look at all the cinnamon chips! A full cup of them.
Ready to go in the oven.
Warm and ready to eat!
Enjoying a still warm scone with an Aged Yunnan (Pu-erh) tea. Lovely.
Cleanup from a job well done.

Both my mom and I enjoyed the scones a lot. It’s definitely a recipe I’ll be repeating in the future, with a few modifications – like putting the chips in with the rest of the dry ingredients instead of at the end.

And now the knitting.

I turned the heel of the sock and I’m now working my way down the foot. I like the muted colors of the yarn, because, really, if they were any brighter, they’d be horrible. However, in these muted tones they’re great.




Comments welcome! :)

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