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Neville’s Sweater

I’ve been eyeing this pattern since I found it on Ravelry, and I’m starting preparations to begin it.

If any of you have seen the 8th Harry Potter movie, you should know what sweater I’m talking about. It’s the sweater (well, technically cardigan) that Neville Longbottom is wearing when he proves that he is indeed a bada** and slices Nagini in half with Godric Gryffindor’s sword. Have I mentioned he’s amazing? And he’s not just amazing because the actor who plays him is awesome. He’s amazing because of who he is. And he’s always been one of my favorite characters.

So, I’m using said pattern, but I didn’t like the look of some of the color charts, so after looking at some high res images, I decided on my own version of the color chart. I’ve been working on coloring it in for a good chunk of the afternoon and I’m rather happy with it. I’m still going to be using the pattern (as I’ve only knit one sweater and that was really simple) but the only difference will be the chart. It will have the same rows and everything, I’m merely changing some of the colors around really.


In other knitting news…. I frogged the “Knupps and Crosses” lace scarf I was knitting. I really wasn’t feeling it and finally realized that it was because I knew I’d never use it and I didn’t have anyone I could give it to so… yeah, frogged it is, and I’m going to use the really nice yarn for something else. I did take a picture of it before I frogged it, just to have a record of some kind.


Some progress has been made on my “In the Pink” shawl, which I’m calling bonfire. I’m still on the center piece, but it’s coming together nicely.


My socks are also moving along, but unfortunately, I don’t have a recent picture of them. I’m almost halfway down the foot and I’m hoping to finish it off and start the other one soon.


Comments welcome! :)

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