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I managed to get the energy together tonight to post. I know, posting doesn’t take that much energy, but when your eyes are burning because you’re tired but you don’t feel like you can sleep, writing a post can be a lot.

Currently, I have company in the room I stay in at my aunts house, one of her greyhounds (of which she has 3) likes laying on the blanket. Isn’t she adorable?

I started my day 10 states away in an entirely different climate. Ironically, the humidity in both places was about the same.

Since I’m only in Florida for a week, I packed kind of light and I of course, brought extra yarn, but I also brought some of my spinning with me as well. Airport security didn’t even bat an eye when they saw it in my bag. It’s not like I was expecting any problems, but it’s not something that you see everyday unless you travel in fiber circles.


I packed the pockets for Neville’s cardigan/sweater/whatever in my suitcase even though i’m 90% sure I won’t get far enough to use them in the week that I’m down here. But I brought them anyways. Just in case.

The only thing I managed to work on, on the plane, was my second plain sock. There wasn’t really room to have 3 balls of yarn, and a color work chart out in the tiny airplane seat.

I had 2 flights to get to my destination (though I didn’t have to change planes) and I spent most of the first one watching Mythbusters. The plane actually had wifi, so yay for Netflix! Oh and they actually have tea, which made me very happy because I’m totally not a coffee person.

By the time I’m posting this tonight, after 5 hours on a plane, and some after dinner knitting, I’ve turned the heel and am working on the gusset of the sock. It’s great what uninterrupted knitting time will do to a simple, plain sock.


I’ll probably finish it in the nest few days. I’m already planning to make this one longer than the other, and I’m also thinking about ripping back the toe of the first sock and working it to be longer so that it actually fits, because, really, if I think about it realistically, it’s not going to stretch out to fit without some more rows. End of story.

On a non-knitting note, but a pleasant one, I apparently restored a gentleman’s faith in my generation today. He was a businessman who got on the plane in Orlando and whom with I had a very pleasant discussion with on the ensuing flight. He first asked about my knitting, because I had it out, and then about my tablet when he saw that, and one thing let to another and we found ourselves talking about literature and Star Trek. Now, I’m a huge Trek fan. My favorite movie is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (time traveling humpback whales FTW!) and we got to talking about the differences between the Original Series and the Next Generation. At the end of the flight, when we both went to get off, he gave me the Vulcan salute, which I returned, and he thanked me for restoring some of his faith in my age group.



Comments welcome! :)

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