40,000 Feet

I’m currently on the plane on my way home from vacation. The airline is doing this new thing where they actually have wifi on the plane. It’s satelite, and not the fastest thing around, but it’s not bad at all for just web browsing and talking to my friends. The only downside? It costs $5.

The sky is darkening outside of the airplane window as I write this and we just completed a turn. My flight had originally been delayed for 2 hours because of some technical problems, but we wended up leaving almost on time.

This is my current view from 39,000+ feet in the air.


Seeing the tops of the clouds is always an interesting sight.

Since the sun is going down things are getting a little darker, however, it was very pretty earlier when the sun was a bit higher in the sky.


I have my knitting with me as well.


And I’m working my way down the second sock. I did in fact rip back the toe on the first one and I’m going to lengthen it once I finish the one I’m working on now. I do also have my sleeve for “Neville’s Cardigan” with me, but I don’t really have the space to juggle 3 balls of yarn in the airplane seat.

The sky’s grown even darker as I’m writing, though there a gorgeous orange sky visible from the other side of the plane. I should have sat on the left side… I’d have some gorgeous pictures of the sunset then.

Unfortunately, since I’m not writing this on my computer, I’m limited to the pictures on my tablet (which aren’t many) or I would have a few more things to show you. I think those can wait until tomorrow or Friday.

Vacation was so fun I’d forgotten to update last Friday or Monday! Though on Monday, I was rather heavily dosed on Nyquil and trying to kick the rather severe cold I woke up with on Sunday. Getting sick on vacation? Not fun. Trust me on that one.

Overall though, I had a great vacation, and I’ll share a bunch of pictures in my next post (when they aren’t on my powered down computer in my backpack under the seat – the tablet actually fits on the tray table!).

They just turned the lights of in the cabin, leaving us with just the reading lights. It’s also growing dark outside. I should be one the ground in an hour, and home soon after that. I had a wonderful vacation, and while it wasn’t full of knitting, it was full of family, friends and good times.

-Jessica from 40,000 feet and somewhere over Delaware


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