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FO – Simple Socks

Woot! They’re finished! I’m glad. I had to redo the toe on the first one and I added an extra 10 rows to the length of the foot.

Final numbers:
Cast on: 64 stitches
Leg: 50 Rows
(Cue heel flap)
Foot: 60 rows
(Then decreased and grafted toe)

The next time I make these though, I am a) casting on more (they’re a little tight) b) not doing ribbing all the way down the foot (that got rather annoying!) and c) using bigger needles (those US1’s are tiny, I’ll probably US2’s next time).

Even though I’m not terribly fond of the colors, I don’t midn because they’re just going to be shoved in my shoes anyways and no one is going to see them unless I take said shoes off (which only happens at home).

have made some progress on the sleeve of Neville’s sweater, and it’s starting to look nice. I’ll be lucky to finish it by January though because of how long each row takes because of the detail of the intarsia. However, I was talking with my mom about lining it and I think it would be possible to sew in some kind of thin lining to add a little more insulation. I’m making the smallest size, but my gauge is a little loose so it’s going to end up a little baggy, which is fine. But that means I have more space for a lining. I’m thinking fleece possibly, but my mother and I will talk about it more when I’ve actually finished it and sewn it together.


Also, on Sunday afternoon, I taught myself (via a couple of youtube video’s) how to double knit. I’m currently making a black and white scarf that is going to have the Tree of Gondor on either end. That’s right, Lord of The Rings, here I come. I think the reason I’m in an LoTR mood is because I watched the extended edition of Fellowship over the weekend and I’ve also been reading “The Silmarillion”, which is about as dense as an Economics textbook, but much more interesting (at least to me).

I also did a little spinning yesterday afternoon. I have a bit of fiber I’m working my way through before I get more.



Comments welcome! :)

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