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End of Summer

That’s right, my summer vacation/break is coming to a close. In a week (next Wednesday) I’m back to classes. I only have two on my first day, however, one is at 8am and the other is at 5pm, and there ain’t much in between.

There has been knitting (though I really miss being able to knit at the desk at work, that’s five hours of prime knitting time I no longer have).

I started a new ‘Honey Cowl’ – the longer one this time, so I can wrap it double around my neck when it’s done. Same yarn and everything.


I finally gave in on the ‘Color Affection’ bandwagon as well and got the pattern and ordered yarn. Knit Picks Pallete in Midnight Heather, Celestial, and Ciel. All three are different shades of blue and I can’t wait!

Not really any progress on Neville’s Sweater or the Gondor scarf yet, but those projects take a lot of concentration and they’re not exactly portable seeing as they both require multiple balls of yarn at once.

And I’ll leave you with Smokey and Millie because they’re both being adorable, he’s under my desk (and please ignore the mess, I haven’t picked up in a while).


Comments welcome! :)

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