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Back To School

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I certainly did.

Classes start again tomorrow for me. So it’s back to work as well (I was lucky enough to get a 4-day weekend). It’s the last day of summer vacation, it’s cool, it’s rainy, and I have errands to run.

However, knitting is coming along.

I’m working my way up the first sleeve of Neville’s Cardigan.

It’s coming along, but slowly. However, I know the final project will be worth it. I’m hoping it’s done by New Years, as January/February tend to be rather cold here in New England.

My second try at the Honey Cowl is coming along nicely as well (but I don’t have any recent pictures of it.)

I started a new pair of socks.

They’re called Scylla and they’re knit from the toe-up, so that’s the very beginning of the first sock’s toe you see there.

I also had a rather hear clogging, but amazing sandwich over the weekend. If you like grilled cheese and mozzarella sticks, you’ll like this sandwich.


And now I’m off to run the couple errands I have to finish getting ready for the first day of school.



Comments welcome! :)

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