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In the Wings

My yarn for ‘Color Affection’ is still waiting. I decided to go the “get something of the needles” route with it, and that something is my honey cowl.

I’m determined to finish the cowl by the end of the week so that I can cast on for ‘Color Affection’ over the weekend. The cowl isn’t going to be as wide as the pattern says it should be (I’m limited by the amount of yarn I spun) but since I’m going to be wrapping it double around my neck for warmth, I’m not terribly worried about the width being a little short.


The yarn is beautiful. It’s hard to believe that I spun it all my self. I’m so proud of it! I’m going to wear this cowl to death probably. It’s bright, it’s cheery, I made it myself and it won’t choke me! It’s great!

I put another pattern repeat on Scylla as well.


Self-striping yarn is great, it makes things so interesting. This colorway is called ‘surf’ and I think the name fits. Now, let’s see if I can get the colors on the second sock to match once I get there. I’m sure going try. I don’t think I have a striped pair of socks that matches yet. I came close with my ‘Chouwa’ pair that I knit, buy I didn’t get it quite right.

I haven’t made much progress on anything else, but now that classes have started up, homework is taking most of my free time again, so things are going to go a lot slower (unfortunately). Don’t get me wrong, I love learning, but the amount of homework is intense. Plus I’ve started taking a foreign language for the first time since HS (way back in 2005!) so that’s another huge thing as well. We’ll have to see how it goes!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I shall leave you with a picture of the bug that was on our picnic table while my boyfriend and I were having ice cream after we went mini golfing on Saturday (I won by 1 point, 55 to 56 on a par 44 πŸ˜› ).


Comments welcome! :)

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