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Finally Friday

It’s just been one of those weeks. The kind of week, where I I forget one thing one day and another thing another day.

But! I got sock blockers! Which means I can finally block the 3 pairs of socks I’ve knitted but haven’t worn because they haven’t been blocked. I feel like I should have gotten them months ago. When I first started knitting socks, but I just kept putting it off, then I looked into making my own, but today I finally decided to just buy them because I knew I wasn’t going to get around to making them.

I also splurged and bought some baby alpaca yarn that was on sale. It was so soft and it was 50% off! How could I pass something like that up? I got three skeins which added up to about 330 yards, so I think I can get a wonderful pair of wrist warmers out of it. It’s a really nice dark green with a bit of grey in it. Very pretty. Did I mention it’s soft? It’s very soft.

So, on to projects. The most painful first I suppose…..

I’m trying to gather up the courage to frog this:

I came to the very unfortunate realization that the 36″ size would actually be too small. As I don’t want negative ease, but instead what I want is it to be a little loose, hence I want positive ease. So, in the end, I somehow have to bring myself to frog all that work. I have thought about modifying it, but the more I think about it, the more I think that frogging is going to end up being the course of action I have to take.

Enough doom and gloom, I’m getting to the end of the “Honey Cowl” or at least the yarn.

You can see the little ball of yarn that’s left. It’s disappearing rather quickly. It’ll be sad to see all the yarn used up, but at the same time I’ll know that I’ll have used every last inch and gram of the roving I got and spun myself. And it’ll be a very nice, very comfortable, and colorful.

I’ve started the hell of my “Scylla” socks, and it’s going well. I took this picture earlier as I finished the foot part and tried it on to make sure it was long enough.

Sometimes having big feet isn’t that fun.

And I’ve made some progress on “Baktus”. Not much, but some. I’m hoping it actually get’s fairly long, but I don’t have a whole lot of hope.

That’s about it for tonight I think. I still haven’t cast on “Color Affection” but I’m planning too as soon as I cast off the “Honey Cowl” as I need the needle’s it’s on for the shawl.

Oh yeah! One more thing. There’s an art fair up at Squam late tomorrow. I was hoping to go, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. However, if you’ve made it this far I highly┬árecommend┬áit. There’s going to be a lot of great people there. You can find the link for it here.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it!


Comments welcome! :)

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