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Round 3 of 3

…. hopefully.

I put a fair amount of work into the sleeve of “Neville’s Cardigan” while at school today. Don’t worry, I’m doing my schoolwork, but I had a few free hours so I spend them on that sleeve.

Sunday I ripped out the ribbing in the size 40″ and started the ribbing for the 44″ size. Realized that it would be better to knit it flat instead of in-the-round (my gauge and knitting are all much better flat with the fair isle), and ripped out the few rows of the 44″ size that I’d knitted. Then I realized that I’d forgotten to add the extra stitch on each side for the selvage edge to sew up the sleeve and ripped out again before casting on 62 stitches. Which is the 44″ sleeve plus two stitches on either side for sewing afterwards.

My goal is to get this sweater done by January. We’ll see.


It’s not as misshapen as it looks, but instead it insists on curling in on itself because of the stockinette.

I’ve also stated an elongated cowl project using some Baby Llama yarn I got at 50% off. It’s soft and amazing and I’m pretty sure I mentioned it on Friday. Anywho, I ripped it out and recast on over the weekend because I didn’t like how it was looking on the size 9 needles. The gauge was much too loose in my opinion because I wanted a dense fabric not a thin done. So I downed the needle size to US5 and I love the way it’s turning out so far.


I’ve put another pattern repeat on it since I took that picture, but the shade of green is pretty accurate. The brown yarn on the end is the provisional cast on. It’s knit like a scarf and then the two ends are grafted together instead of leaving loose.

Also, I started a later year Harry Potter scarf for myself (in Hufflepuff colors of course).


That’s the first yellow section, I’m about 2/3 of the way through it, and then I’ll start the thin black rows. I’m using Caron’s Simply Soft because a) I have a crap ton of it around and b) I wanted something durable and hard wearing and it’s hard to find wool that color of yellow (or anything close to Hufflepuff’s canary yellow).

Today was also the first meeting of the informal knitting group my boss, a friend, and myself are putting together. I still can’t knit at the desk (found out today it’s only the assistant director but they hold a lot of clout), which I think is total BS as playing my Nintendo DS is totally fine. But enough of  my mini-rant. We had a great out sitting in the entrance. I think we generated some interest as people kept stopping by and asking about it and people kept wanting to stop but had to go to classes/meetings/etc.. Overall I think it went well and I look forward to next week when we can do it again.

Lastly, to those of you that have followed me from my old blog space, I thank you, and I hope you continue to follow me here.


Comments welcome! :)

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