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FO: Age of Brass and Steam

I finished it! I cast off this morning in the dining hall while eating breakfast watching one of those shows where people go on to see if their boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on them or whatever. It make for good background noise at least!

And there it is. I haven’t even woven in the ends yet. But my university campus has these really nice granite benches and I thought they would be great for a quick photo op (much to the amusement of passing students).

Why is it that someone crafting is so unusual?

There are also these really nice flowers on campus.

I don’t know what they are but they’ve had them in three different colors blooming by the dining hall all semester so far. I think their gorgeous.

My Year 3-6 scarf also has two black stripes now, but I don’t have a picture of it on my phone to show you all. I was a little too organized and already offloaded them last night onto my home computer.

Finally, I cast on for ‘Color Affection’! WOHOO!

I’m thrilled that I’m finally staring this project. I’ve seem some gorgeous one’s online with some amazing color combinations and I hope that mine comes out just as pretty. I have a light blue that’s pictured (Knit Picks Palette in the Pool colorway) and I have two more blues, one that’s a bright medium blue (Knit Picks Palette in Celestial) and a dark, almost black blue (Knit Picks Palette in Midnight Heather) and I’m hoping they all play nicely together. They’re all gorgeous and I feel like my pictures don’t do them justice.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!



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