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Happy October!

Hi Everyone!

I had honestly meant to write this yesterday but classes got in the way and sucked up all of my time.

But now for the project updates!

I finished the solid color section of ‘Color Affection’

I’m pretty sure I’m going to carry the colors along one side so that I don’t have too many ends to weave it (there would be a lot of ends if I didn’t) so I’m getting ready to set myself up for that.

There has also been progress on the first sleeve of my ‘Neville Cardigan’! Yay!

I’m quite glad I decided to knit it flat instead of in the round. My tension is much better this way. In fact, there’s about another four inches from that picture (but I haven’t gotten the chance to take another one yet).

My ‘Frosting’ also has another pattern repeat on it. It’s a very simple pattern and easily memorized but I’m just having trouble dividing my time between all of my projects.

I love the baby Llama this is made from. It’s soft and coming out very squishy. It’s going to be a wonderful cowl.


Comments welcome! :)

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