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I feel like I need a nice warm blanket, I fireplace, a good book (preferably an old favorite), and knitting. Today was long, and wet and dreary.

There has been knitting but my schoolwork is taking center stage for now. I had a composition for my Italian class (150+ words) and I had a poem and poem reviews for my poetry class. On top of that I had to finish everything due Friday as well because tomorrow night I’m going to go see Macbeth. I know, I know, there’s supposed to be a curse on the play. But as far as I’ve hear, it’s only for those in the play, not those simply talking about it in class.

There’s actually a really awesome song based on the witches chant, and this is it (fyi, it’s a fan-made video but it’s the right song):

Anyways, the knitting! Maybe I should follow other knitter’s examples and do Cast-On Monday, Work-In-Progress Wednesday, and Finished-Object Friday. What do you think? I don’t think I knit fast enough for that!

So, the arm of my ‘Neville Cardigan‘…

It looks wider than it really is because I’m knitting it flat instead of in the round.

It only looks really wide because I’m knitting it flat.

I’ve also added three stripes to my color affection. This is going to be my bus knitting for tomorrow on our way to and from the play.

Yes, I’m well aware I need better photography skills and a much better background for my knits… what can I say, I’m a work in progress. I’ll eventually get down this whole “taking totally awesome and amazing project photo’s” thing.

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday and I’ll let you know what I thought of seeing the play on Friday!


Comments welcome! :)

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