I have been remiss in my blogging duties!

In my defense, I had a very long and extremely fun weekend attending two different fairs. There wasn’t much knitting but there was plenty of other things going on.

First, Saturday.

My boyfriend and I went to King Richard’s Faire. We were supposed to go last month for our first aniversary however I was still getting over that awful cold I had and didn’t want to relapse by being outside all day. But, the weather on Saturday was beautiful – warm, but with a cool breeze.

“Jaque ze Whippuer” who insisted on calling a male audience member ‘Fifi’
Herculese the Liger. The largest living cat (he’s in the Guiness book of world records).
Comedic swordfight. The bad guy tried to use me as a shield which resulted in cries of “release the fair maiden!”
Fight with flaming swords during the Joust to the Death (no, no one actually died).
My boyfriend and I at the end of the day. Yes his chain mail is real metal, it’s riveted (and quite heavy); and yes, I know I’m wearing funny ears and horns. It’s fun that way.


And now onto Sunday!

Sunday I went with my mother to the Topsfield Fair. They were celebrating their 194th year this year. They’re also the oldest continuously running agricultural fair in the country. My family has been going since the 50’s and I love it.

Saw some cool looking chickens.
And some equally pretty pheasants.
I got to pet some lizards. (My mother isn’t fond of getting to close, me, I think they’re cool.)
Saw the various horse teams competing for ribbons.
Went to the honey building and saw all the different kinds of honey.
Off to see the livestock. The goats were acting rather sleepy.
A newborn calf to coo over. They are adorable when they’re young.
I got to pet baby bunnies!
The French Angora’s (you can spin these guys!) were extremely fluffy but we weren’t allowed to pet them 😦
The Hallamore 8 horse hitch is always incredible to watch. They’re turning the cart in an extremely tight circle here.
The world record 2009 pound pumpkin (that’s 911.27 kilograms for the rest of the world).
The alpaca looked very fluffy but unfortunately no petting. (You can spin these guys too!)
Shetland sheep ready to be sheared (and yup, you guessed it, you can spin these guys too).
And some very pretty flowers to finish off the day.

And that was my weekend. I got maple cotton candy at Topsfield (it was awesome by the way) and I got to see lots of fun characters and costumes on Saturday.

I had a grand time both days.

(Hopefully) I’ll be back to my normal knitting bloggy-stuff tomorrow or Thursday. This weekend was just so much fun I had to share.


Comments welcome! :)

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