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Halfway There

Well, I’ve finished one of the Scylla socks.


I actually finished it on Monday during my knitting group on campus. I managed to wind the second skein of sock yarn before our time was up but I didn’t get the second sock cast on until Monday night. I’m still on the increases for the toe on the second one, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t take me a huge amount of time. The pattern is surprisingly easy to work, even the heel. I think I could get used to toe-up socks.

Also, I think I mentioned last time that I decided to start the decreases for the sleeve cap on my Neville Cardigan. It’s coming along but I haven’t made enough progress to make it picture worthy.

There’s also been a fair amount of work on my Frosting cowl. I’m on the 10th pattern repeat and it’s coming along smoothly. I think with this cowl I’ll finally master cabling without a cable needle (with worsted weight yarn at least).

There hasn’t really been progress on any of my other projects unfortunately. My classes are taking up the majority of my free time, but I’m hoping to make good progress or finish some things soon.

On another note, fall is definitely here.


That’s just one of the tree’s on campus that’s changing for fall.


We’ve also had some gorgeous sunrises. I get to see them on my way to campus in the morning. This morning the river was steaming (you can almost see it in the picture – I snapped this quickly when I was stopped at a light), and it simply looked amazing.

Yesterday, the sky was the absolute perfect autumnal blue. It reminded me why I love living in New England. Mornings driving and cresting a hill, seeing a valley laid out before me and mist still surrounding the trees, letting only their tops peak out.

Getting to see the wave of color as the trees change, interspersed with pines that still have their deep green needles.

I simply love the fall. There’s a certain crispness in the air that I really enjoy.

And like most other knitters, I’m of the opinion that fall is for “Knitting all the things!” to paraphrase basically what everyone is saying.

Hope everyone is enjoying the season and I hope that you all have a great rest of your week!

Comments welcome! :)

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