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Nerdy Night

The Harry Potter fan in me had a blast tonight, along with the academic side of my brain.

There was a performance on my campus this evening was about the women in Charles Dickens’ novels. It was almost a one woman performance, except she had accompanying piano music. The woman doing the performance? Miriam Margolyes. Also known as Professor Pomona Sprout. Head of Hufflepuff and my head of house (as a proud Hufflepuff). So you can see why the two sides of my brain were in happy agreement that it was a great thing to go to.

However there were a few… snafu’s before things could get going. First: Someone got hit by a car on one of the streets next to campus (I actually saw it – from a distance – and heard the tires squeal), which led to a back up in traffic and the police clearing the area. So the start of the performance was pushed back to 7:45, which wasn’t a real big deal.

The show itself was great. She came out in character and there were a lot of laughs, in fact, in the first part, I was in stitches at least half the time. I never knew Dickens could be so humorous! However, I will admit to never having read a word of his stuff before.

During the intermission (which I’m going to assume was supposed to be about 10 minutes long) the power went out. At first we weren’t sure what happened as everything flickered but then it really went out and the emergency lights came on, which at least allowed us to see. Some people left at this point. Me, personally, I paid money to see the show (granted it wasn’t a lot of money, but I did pay) and so by golly I was going to stay until it was over. After about 20 minutes, much to my surprise, Margolyes comes out and takes a seat on the stage. She talked about how she was backstage and decided to come out and at least answer questions about Dickens and the show while we waited to see if the power was coming back. It was great of her to be willing to do that for us the audience.

Eventually the power came back and the show went on. It wrapped around quarter past 10 or somewhere around that. They were selling copies of her book and you could get them signed, but it was cash only and I didn’t have the cash needed… so I asked her to sign my program instead and she did!

It was a great show and I’m quite glad I went.


Now some quick knitting updates!

The Frosting Cowl is growing quite nicely

I also made some progress on the sleeve of Neville’s Cardigan while I was hanging around campus today waiting for 7:30 to roll around

And finally a test-knit. The pattern is already released and available to purchase so as far as I know there’s no rules against posting.

Meet Humphrey

His legs look a little funny due to my incompetent sewing rather than a pattern defect. He was a lot of fun and a very quick knit.

And that’s that! Hope everyone has a great weekend and I think it’s wonderful you made it as far as the bottom of the page today. It’s rather wordy, but it couldn’t be helped.


Comments welcome! :)

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