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So I went to block my ‘Benden Weyrhold Shawl’ yesterday. It’s acrylic so I was planning to steam block it pretty heavily to make it drape. Since I knit it with worsted weight acrylic instead of the recommended lace weight, it’s more of a lap blanket than a shawl (but it’s fine, I’m totally cool with a lap blanket). It’s been sitting around since May when I finished the knitting on it. I had homework to do yesterday afternoon but I figured since I was home all afternoon I’d pin it out on my bed and leave it to dry while I did my work.

Yeah… that didn’t happen.


I got it all pinned out (no thanks to Millie who insisted on attacking the blocking wires) and then our clothes steamer crapped out on me. I brought it upstairs, filled the tank with water and turned it on. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for the steam to start (it’s not the most efficient steamer in the world) but I waited a half hour and though it got hot, no steam. Not really having a lot more time to wait around (I did have homework to do), I just unpinned it and figured I’ll try another day.

In other knitting news, I’ve made some progress on my “Scylla” socks. I’ve started the pattern on the foot of the sock, no pics yet unfortunately.

The second sleeve of “Neville’s Cardigan” is coming along nicely. I got a fair amount of work done on the sleeve Monday during knitting group. I’ve put some rows on it since then as well. It’s going much faster than the first sleeve, but that’s cause I figured everything out and made all the mistakes on the first one!


I’m about 15 rows past where that pic is, but I have to remember to take another one.

Thant’s all for now! Hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday.

Comments welcome! :)

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