Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Semi-Nor’easter Sandy

Like everyone else my mom and I buttoned down the hatches yesterday in preparation for the approaching storm. We took some of the air conditioners out (we really need to take the other’s out as well), our screens (they’re not secured very well, made sure the windows were shut and locked and got flashlights, some bottled water, and batteries.

Even though I didn’t have class today and it’s been prime knitting time I’ve only managed a few rows on the second sleeve yesterday and nothing today. I should have been doing some homework for later in the week as well, but I just haven’t been able to get myself to do anything.

I’ve mostly been avoiding watching regular TV and streaming things all day because, with a week to go to the elections, I’m avoiding political ads like the plague (it’s gotten to the point that when they come on I hit the mute button). Tonight though, my mom and I have the news on tracking the storm.

Right now, Sandy isn’t what we thought she was going to be, and now she’s been downgraded, however, there’s still a lot of danger and I’m hoping we managed to keep our power. Last year in the storm at this time we lost power for 3 days.

There’s almost 200,000 people without power in my state as of the latest numbers, my father and stepmother included. I’m hoping that the fiasco of last year isn’t repeated.

My hopes go out to all of those who are more affected by the storm than myself. Here’ to hoping we all make it through with minimal damage and everyone safe on the other side of it.


Comments welcome! :)

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