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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone. To those wiccans/pagans/druids/etc (I know I’m forgetting people), I hope you’ve had/will have a pleasant Samhain.

I handed out candy at our house tonight. I was the first one home and trick or treating here in town was from 6-8pm. It had died off by 7:30 though, probably because it was nearly two hours after dark and parents didn’t want young children out that late. I was bad though 😉 I gave away all of the pretzel M&M’s we got by accident first because neither my mom nor I like them.

Tomorrow is November 1. That means (for me, for the 5th year) that it’s time to start typing away on my National Novel Writing Month novel! This year it’s fantasy (I can’t seem to get away from fantasy… oh well, I’m not complaining).

I’ve got my class schedule for the spring semester, I can register on Monday.

Voting is Tuesday here in the U.S., have I mentioned just how much I hate politics? If you ask me what party I’ll tell you I don’t belong to one (I don’t) and if you ask how I chose my position on things my response is “Rational thought and the good common sense I was born with,” because people don’t use their common sense enough these days, nor do they think rationally.

Anyways, getting off my high horse. I ended up not going into school yesterday even though classes were on. My Italian class was cancelled anyways, but I didn’t feel that going into work for three hours wasn’t worth risking the high wind gusts still going on yesterday morning around here. So I did a good couple of inches on the second sleeve of Nevilles Cardigan, and I’m getting closes to doing the decreases which will mean I’m done the sleeve which means I can start the body! Yay!

Of course, since today was/is Halloween, I couldn’t not dress up. I went steampunk (with my Hufflepuff tie thrown in).

Since I took that one with my phone in the dining hall you can’t see the whole thing, but I don’t have crazy eyes in this one.

And this is a full body shot, generously taken by one of my classmates. I’m using the strap on the goggles to hold my hair back. I had it down all day and got quite a few compliments on it. I don’t normally wear my hair loose so it’s hard to see how long and curly it really is. I thought I looked quite nice. The pants are a Victorian riding skirt and there’s a flap on either leg that can be buttoned across the front to create the illusion of a skirt (it allowed Victorian ladies to ride horses astride instead of sidesaddle). Other than being a little big (there aren’t any belt loops though…) they’re quite comfy and I thought the whole outfit worked. I don’t think the tie stood out too much, despite being a bright yellow (for Hufflepuff of course!). You can’t see the Hufflepuff crest because the end of the tie is tucked into the vest, but it’s there!

Enough of my ranting. I’ve had too much candy this evening. I hope everyone had a good Wednesday and wish me luck on starting my journey in writing 50,000 words between Nov 1 and Nov 30!


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Cool! happy Samhain as well1 I went as Snape, and as for NaNoWriMo…..yeah, still the first class procrastinator I’ve always been 😀 -HarryPotterAddict

    1. Going as Snap sounds like it was fun!

      I made wordcount on the first day and I’m working on getting it today. We’ll see how it goes!

      1. I wrote twelve and a half pages long hand yesterday, which came to 2,079 words…. So far today I’ve got ten pages…. Going pretty good for my first year!

        1. That’s great! Keep up the great work!

          I type everything myself as I would get really bad hand cramps if I tried to hand write it all out.

  2. I get more done by writin it out and then typing it later; also I can take it to town with me, which is useful for the days I have ballet

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