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Knit All The Things!

So, I’ve signed on for yet another KAL. Let’s run down my current list of projects.


Neville’s Cardigan: Finally started the decreases on the second sleeve today! Hoping to be able to cast on the body at some point this week. Living in my quickly deterioration not-made-for-knitting knitting bag.

Scylla Socks: Put a few rows on that one today between classes, it’s on the second sock at least, so I don’t have to cast on another one. Also living in my knitting bag.

Baktus scarf: This one stays on the coffee table due to the I-can-kill-you-if-I-move-wrong length of the straight needles it’s on (I needed my circular US3’s for something else), almost haflway done.

Frosting: Also living in my knitting bag, about halfway through the second of three balls of the baby llama yarn (it’s so soft!), put a few rows on that every now and again.

3rd Year Hufflepuff Scarf: Also living on the coffee table, not really going anywhere, the 1×1 rib gets trying after a few rows.

Color Affection: I should probably put this on hold as I haven’t touched it in a few weeks… I still really really want to finish it but there’s this little thing called university that tends to eat up  possible knitting time.

Crushed (Mystery KAL): Just added this one to the rotation, first clue comes out Thursday, so I’ll be getting a start on that soon.

Test Knits: I mentioned this last time, can’t say what the patterns are, but I can say that the yarn order has been processed and shipped! Yay!

Fingerless Mitts KAL: Just threw my hat in for this one as well. It’s being run by the same Vermont blogger as the Test Knits, gotta use one of her fingerless mitts patterns. I’m starting with called Hirta. It’s available for $4.50 (that’s Canadian though, it works out to $4.64 US), and they look like a great little quick knit.


So, 9 projects total. I have project A.D.D. don’t I? I can’t knit just one thing all the time though! I can’t do it 😦

Ah, well, it is what it is.

I am going to vote tomorrow by the way for all you Americans out there. And no, I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for as I don’t want to get into a political argument with someone. I’ll just be very glad when it’s all said and done and they stop showing those ridiculous ads that just always piss me off.

Hope you had a good weekend and enjoy your week!


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