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Long Week

I apologize for not updating more this week. Final projects are starting to get handed out at school and group presentations take an awful lot of work.

Also, it’s NaNoWriMo and though my word count as of right now is 27,701, I feel like I haven’t been doing much at all and need to step up my writing.

There is also test knitting swatches that are completed, no progress on Neville’s Cardigan, and a mystery shawl KAL that I have the second clue for.

Yesterday was also my 25th birthday so that was a thing too.



Really pretty sunset yesterday:

And that’s about it. Just a quick update for you guys. Sorry it isn’t longer, but, even though it’s early, I’m exhausted and it’s been a long week (Despite having Monday off for Veteran’s day).

Thanksgiving is next week here in the US and I hope you all have a good one if you’re celebrating it.


Comments welcome! :)

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