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Almost Thanksgiving

Before I get to the knitting…

Tomorrow is Thursday. This year, tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA. It’s always been a small family tradition for me. This year things are a little different. I get three thanksgiving dinners. One was last night, with my father and stepmom and others. Tomorrow is with my mother’s family, and then Saturday is with my boyfriends family. I’m hoping I’m not in a turkey-coma by the end of it.

I’m not going to go through everything I’m thankful for as it would be a ratherย long list, but Iย am thankful for many things, both that I have and that people around me have.

I hope everyone enjoys tomorrow whether you’re celebrating thanksgiving or not. It’s never a bad time to give thanks for what you have.


And now the knitting!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of it between school (getting towards finals) and NaNoWriMo, but there has been some.

The test knitting is going well, but that’s all I can say about that.

The mystery KAL is also going well and I’ma bout halfway through the second repeat of the main body chart (we have to do 3):

Of course, because it’s scrunched onto a circular needle you can’t see it real well, but a leaf pattern is starting to emerge.

I’ve also made some progress on “Neville’s Cardigan” but the going is slow. I got hung up this week when I realized that I have to redo the pockets I knit way back when I started making it because the size I made them wasn’t nearly big enough for what they should actually be based on Neville’s actual cardigan in the movie (those HD pics really come in handy!).

There was also baking this past weekend. My mother, grandmother and myself made 4 pumpkin pies (one with Soy for my lactose-intolerent cousin), 2 squash and 3 custard. We’d forgotten to bring a regular apron for me so that I didn’t end up filthy, so I ended up wearing one my grandmother had around.

Yeah, it’s rather frilly.

Anyways, again, enjoy tomorrow and I’ll do my best to be back on Thursday.


Comments welcome! :)

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