That number? The one right up there ^ yeah, that one. See how big it is? Yeah, that’s the reason I haven’t been here.

That number is the number of words I have left to hit 50,000 for National Novel Writing month. And I have 4 days (including today) to write that many words.

I was debating with myself about whether to honestly put that number out there or not, but I decided that, if I was being honest with myself, the best way to get myself to write that number of words was to let the world know that I planned to do it.

Though I did get some knitting done over Thanksgiving (mostly in the car), I don’t have any pictures for you.

But that number looms, and needs to be beaten into submission before midnight on Friday, November 30. Now I just have to remember to do my homework as well.


Comments welcome! :)

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