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Happy Hannukah!

If you didn’t know, tonight is the third night of Hannukah.


There’s four candles because the one that’s higher up is called the Shamash and is used to light the other three.


In knitting news… I’m 7 rows away from finishing the “Crushed” shawl I was doing a mystery KAL for in November. I kind of failed at making it in November, but I should finish it tomorrow.


I’m planning to finish it at work tomorrow and then block it when I get home so I should have some nice pictures for you on Wednesday!

Today was also the last day of class which means NO HOMEWORK UNTIL JANUARY! It’s great not to have that hanging over my head. I’ve held my own all semester but homework takes… well… a ton of work.

As for other knitting… I’m planning on going straight back to my “Neville Cardigan” as soon as I’ve finished “Crushed”. I’m still hoping to have Neville done by New Years, and I just might make it if it’s all I focus on. That would mean, let’s see, I started it in August, so that would be 5 months to finish this sweater, though to be honest, I didn’t work on it for about a month in September and I kinda of ripped out all the work I’d done in October and decided to redo like.. everything. I really need to learn to stop modifying patterns.

The test knit (which I still can’t show you) is going along great but I ran into a bit of a snag where the numbers didn’t quite work out for one row and I’m hoping to hear back from the author before finishing the piece. We’ll see how it goes!

That’s about all I got for today, I need to learn to take more pictures of my knitting.

Night all, see you on Wednesday! (Where I’ll hopefully have a finished [and blocked!] shawl to show off!)



Comments welcome! :)

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