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That’s right! My Neville Cardigan now has pockets! Granted they’re only semi-attached, but they’ve been added and I’m quite proud of it.


You can’t see them real well there, but they are attached. I’ve knit a few rows beyond that point now and so things are moving along.

I do have to take a break from the sweater every now and again because of the detail of the all over faire isle, but I have my Scylla Socks to keep me entertained in the meantime. (I’m determined to get my number of in WIPs down below 4 before I cast on anything else [except a stuffed animal for my cousins son for Christmans]).



Other things:

1. The test knit is done! I typed up my notes and emailed them to the author along with the pictures I took of the process.

2. I’m almost done finals which is an extreme relief.

3. I have no work/school from Dec. 21 – Jan 2 (I start back up on the 2nd)

4. I’m going to Florida Jan 9-17 (it’s going to be nice to be warm again!)

5. It’s actually snowed here!  It’s actually looking like a New England winter is supposed to (finally)


Hope everyone’s had at least a decent Monday! I’ll see ya’ll on Wednesday.


Comments welcome! :)

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