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Measurable Progress

I’m knitting furiously and still determined to finish by new years. And who knows, if I dedicate myself to it as my only project from now until 2013, I might just pull it off (blocking and all – because trust me, with this much faire isle, it’s going to have to be blocked – severely).


Also, I’m planning on providing the chart that I made for myself of the color pattern. I know that someone on Ravelry asked for it, and I’ll be happy to upload it once I’ve finished the sweater.

This is also probably going to be a tad longer than intended, but I want the patterning to match up between sleeves and body (like it’s supposed to), so I’m ignoring the directions to “knit until 15″ in length” and instead, knitting to match the sleeves, which means I have another 30 rows before I separate for the fronts and back and do the neck and shoulder decreases. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could start that tomorrow?

I’m also planning to stop on my way home tomorrow to pick up some red/brown yarn to make the stuffed fox I’m planning to make my cousin’s son for his first Christmas (he’ll be one in February). The last time I made a knitted toy of this size, it took me a day, so I’m not worried about a Christmas deadline. Worst comes to worse, I can even knit it Christmas Eve day.

On another note I’m getting a sewing machine this weekend! Originally, I thought that my mom and I had settled for a Singer, but we got an add in the mail for a local sewing shop and so we’re going to go look at machines (Bernina’s) over the weekend and decide if we really want the Singer after all. Either way, I will be getting a machine this weekend. I’m excited! I already have idea’s for what I want to make (and yes, I’m well aware I need to start of small, I was thinking simple skirts/vests type of things).

Anyways, I will leave you with a picture of smokey, who was being exceptionally handsome while I was doing some cleaning earlier today.



Comments welcome! :)

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