Darkest Night, Dimmest Day

As everyone should be aware by now today is the Winter Solstice. The shortest day and the longest night of the year. Some of my Wiccan friends are also celebrating Yule tonight. Holiday wishes go out to everyone celebrating this night.

Days like this, that are dim and wet and cold, make me wish for a warm fire, a good thick comforter to wrap myself in, some background music and a good book (or knitting!). Being able to curl up with loved ones is also appreciated.

I may not celebrate Christmas but this time of year always has me thinking about family and caring for people. I’ve never actually been fond of the season, but that’s due to it’s over commercialization by corporations just out to make some quick money. The thoughts of love, and charity, and just good common decency stand true though.

When we light Hanukkah candles (as we did last week) we are supposed to be shining a light into the darkness for all to see, that there is still a beacon out there of light and warmth. The spirit of Christmas/Solstice/Yule time is exactly the same. I may not have a group of people to weather the longest night with but it makes me think of ages long ago, when no one knew if there would be a next morning.

These days we have a scientific explanation for the solstice and the shortening and lengthening of days (and it’s quite a good one too), but it is still a time of year for people to think about love and life and family and letting your loved ones know that, in fact, they are loved.

On this longest night of the year, think back on the year we’ve had. The lengthening of the days should be an inspiration for change and growth with the coming of the light.


Comments welcome! :)

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