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What A Week

It’s been a week since I last posted and though they days are technically supposed to be getting longer, they sure don’t feel like it yet.

The past week has been busier than I would have liked, though it wasn’t a bad kind of busy, just jammed pack with things to do with a few lulls here and there.

Saturday, I got my first sewing machine! A Janome 2222, it’s not computerized or anything, all mechanical, but I can’t wait to play with it. I picked up some bleached muslin remnants and some easy to see thread at Jo-Anne’s today and I can’t wait to play with it! [Sorry no pictures of it yet, anyone have a name suggestion? ;)]

Christmas Eve I went with my mother and boyfriend to my uncle’s house. It was the “Night of the Seven Fishes” which mean, well, not all fish, but seafood at least. My boyfriend wasn’t exactly thrilled, but I got lobster!

Christmas itself was breakfast at home with my mom, and my boyfriend came over. I then went with him to his family’s celebration. There was a Rudolf pinata that was filled with nips that led to quite the amount of hilarity.

(before – and yes that’s a Bat’Leth – it was used instead of a bat – much more fun that way)

(after – he kinda got beheaded unfortunately. The Bat’Leth did a number on him)

Christmas was also when my knitted “Copper The Fox” was gifted to my cousin’s 10-month-old.




There he is! Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the baby with him unfortunately. I though Copper was rather sorry looking at first but according to my mom (who was there) everyone loved him.

Wednesday was relaxing, but for dinner I went over my boyfriend’s mom’s place. His stepdad, sister and brother-in-law were there. It was a really nice evening. His sister got me yarn which is probably the best gift ever when you think about it. 😀

Thursday I had originally planned to make my first trip to Webs. But New England (and the rest of the country for that matter) had that huge storm and we ended up not-quite-but-almost snowed in.

So I baked cookies!




It’s the family anise cookie recipe and one and a half batches made 226 cookies this year. It’s not a small batch.

And finally, today, I made it to Webs.


IMG_20121228_115957 Stitch

It is/was their big end of year sale. I got two different spinning fibers, some lace-weight yarn (technically weaving yarn, but very knittable as it’s 100% wool), some more lace weight yarn (that isn’t weaving yarn), a hi-low spindle made by Schact, some worsted weight yarn on closeout and a book. “The Haapsalu Shawl: A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia” which is amazing.

Pictures of the yarn and fiber are forthcoming.

To finish of the day, I went to project night at my LYS that’s downtown with the friend who accompanied to Webs (she also got some nice things there). They have a project night every Friday and I put in some work on the back of my “Neville Cardigan”.


I’ve got the two fronts done and now the back, hood, button band, pocket edging, and sewing to do. It sounds like a lot, but since the sleeves are already done, it’s not as much as it sounds like.

I’m planning to take pictures of the yarn and other things that I got.

But, for tonight, I’ll leave you with a picture of my cats curled up on the couch (it’s gotten rather chilly around here).



Comments welcome! :)

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