End Of 2012

WordPress has this lovely little thing they started this year where they send you an Annual Report. Unfortunately, because I changed the web address of my blog this year my stats are incomplete. Next year!

It’s amazing to think about everything that’s happened this year. Most of it good. I learned how to spin. I started my new major. I knit my first sweater. And my GPA rose above a 3.0!

There are a few projects (including one that I had really wanted to finish) are going to be finished in the coming year.

  1. Neville’s Cardigan: This is the one I really wanted to finish. I’m super close as well. I’ve sewed everything together and am knitting the hood. I have about 5″ on that and then the button band. But I need more black yarn.
  2. Scylla: This pair of socks. I’m no quite halfway through the second one, but I should have a completed pair by spring.
  3. Baktus: A simple garter stitch scarf that I’ve been working on on and off. Will get finished eventually.
  4. Frosting: My purse knitting for the last few months. Easy to carry and easily memorized pattern.
  5. 3rd Year Hufflepuff: Another scarf for myself that’s been languishing for a while.
  6. Blue Affection: I feel in love with the Color Affection pattern and had to knit my own.

But what I completed far outweighs what I didn’t finish this year. (From oldest to newest…)

  1. Viking Socks
  2. Baby Blanket
  3. Béret Généreux
  4. Beanie – My first crochet thing in ages.
  5. Hufflepuff Cowl
  6. Wingspan in Worsted
  7. Slytherin Scarf Mark 2
  8. Guinan Puff
  9. Raha Scarf
  10. My Weasley Sweater
  11. Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL 2012
  12. Springtime Bandit
  13. Owlings
  14. Simple Socks
  15. Honey Cowl – made with my first handspun!
  16. The Age of Brass and Steam
  17. Humphrey – my first test knit!
  18. Crushed
  19. Meava – started in 2011
  20. Copper The Fox

I do have some goals for 2013.

I want to get in better shape.

I want to learn how to sew.


And I want to begin designing my own knitting patterns.

I with you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!


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