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FO: Scylla

They’re done! Though they still need to be blocked. I cast off yesterday afternoon. Can you believe I cast those on in September? I feel like I have so many UFO’s from September. And this was one of them, but now it’s a FO!


I got the stripes to line up almost perfectly. Though the cuff of the second sock is a slightly different color than the other cuff, but I think that was the yarn, as everything basically matched up until then, so I really don’t mind.


I also point six points on Granny Cheyne today! Yay! But each one is taking me like an hour. Keeping track of the lace takes a lot of concentration so my usual knitting speed has slowed way down on it.


Only 78 more points to go! This is going to take a really long time. But I have all year.


I’m still looking for colors for my Sky Scarf. I found the two greys and one of the blues that would work beautifully for the scarf, I just need the other two blues. We’ll see how long it takes! For now I’m just keeping track of the sky color in Excel.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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