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Sky and Lace

I got the yarn for my ‘Sky Scarf’!


And here’s the first five days of the year. I’ve been keeping track of the colors in an Excel spreadsheet so I can knit yesterday and today on it.


I did 4 rows of garter stitch at the beginning in a plain wool and I’ll repeat it at the end. I’m also doing it in stockinette instead of garter because I like the look of stockinette a bit better. In order to keep it from curling I’m doing k1, p1, k36, p1, k1 across the knit row and then k1, p38, k1 on the ‘wrong’ side rows. It’s not really curling yet which I’m happy about.

I’ve also put a few more points on the lace border.


If you take the time to count you’ll see there’s 12 points now. I’m chugging away at this pretty swiftly for complicated lace, though there is an awful lot of tinking back when the number of stitches doesn’t work between rows. It usually means I dropped a yarn over.

That’s all for now, my next blog will be form Florida! Where it’s warm!!!!!

Comments welcome! :)

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