Oh how I love being warm. Be it sitting by a fireplace, a heater, or in my current situation, Florida when it’s 75F.

I left my home state this morning pre-sunrise and at a temperature of about 20F.


Sunrise over the Atlantic (above the clouds) as seen from my plane window. The moon was also in view but it didn’t make it into the shot.

I brought my knitting with me on my vacation down here. I brought, I think, every in progress piece I have simply because I could (gotta love space in the suitcase).

Mostly I worked on ‘Baktus’ on the plane. I know I don’t talk about it much on the plane but it’s a very interesting patter. You weight your yarn, divide by 2, knit, increasing every 4 rows until you’ve used half the yarn then you decrease every 4th row to get a very elongated triangle of a scarf. I passed the halfway point while sitting in the airport this morning:


I was literally the first person there for my flight this morning (that pic was taken at 4:42AM). It was a long boring wait in the airport but I had my laptop (and thus Netflix) and I had my knitting. I had no problems getting my knitting through security, but my hair (which I had braided) lit up as something suspicious going through security. The TSA agent and I had a good laugh about it though because even though she agreed it was rather silly, she still had to pat down my hair. Go figure. The pants with a bajillion buttons are fine, my braid needs a pat down. Gotta love it!

There is something I’m going to have to be on guard down here about: My aunt (who I’m staying with) has a dog who will steal my yarn. She also has a friend whose dog comes over every day who has a history of stealing my yarn. I think my bedroom door will stay shut when I’m not in there. I love the dogs, but I don’t want slobbery yarn either.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the clouds while descending into Florida. They were actually quite breathtaking.


See you on Friday!

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