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Laser Cozy

So, my Aunt’s vet was talking about he wanted a cozy for a laser machine he has. It’s not a large machine. His wife isn’t crafty at all (she’s also a vet) but my aunt volunteered me. I talked to the vet today and I agreed to do it. It’s not going to be terribly large, and since I decided to crochet it, it won’t take that long either. Knitting it would have taken a lot longer.



I got farther than that… but then I had to rip back a few rows because I realized it was going to be WAY too big.

I also got some work in on my Neville Cardigan. I finished the hood and cast on for the liner of said hood. That’s 76 rows of stockinette, then the button band and then the pocket edging and then done. I swear it’s going to drive me insane. It’s the never ending weather of DOOM!

My sky scarf is coming nicely as well. I’ve only used 4 of the colors so far as I haven’t experienced a really stormy day yet this year. Let’s hope it says that way for a while!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and here’s to hoping I finish the laser cozy over the weekend!


Comments welcome! :)

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