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Back to the Beginning

Well… yesterday was interesting. I was looking for a PDF version of Wrapped in Lace: Knitted Heirloom Designs from Around the World due to getting frustrated with using post-it’s on my physical copy of the book. In my searching I came across the errata for said book. Well apparently, when they printed it, they had switched two of the stitch symbol definitions in the charts. Since the patterns are only charted in the book it was a big deal. So, I ripped out what I had of the Granny Cheyne shawl (16 repeats of the edge chart) and started over. I’ve also made some modifications, switching the k2tog’s and ssk’s on the WS rows because they weren’t forming a neat pattern otherwise (the decrease stitches aren’t supposed to really be a part of the pattern but it was bugging me).


So that is that.

Today though, I finished the second portion of my Color Affection shawl and started the third part. So now there are three colors! After 7 more repeats (of 20 rows a piece) I get to the final edge in the darkest color.


As for my other projects… they’re coming along. I’ve got the hood lining of my Neville Cardigan on the needles, I’m more than halfway done my Baktus scarf, and I’m still keeping track of the color of the sky every day. Today was the first day for my dark grey which means snow/heavy rain/thunderstorms/heavy cloud cover, and it snowed today (in fact, it’s still snowing).

Last, but far from least, we made an addition to the family. This is Cokie and she’s still in the transition stage to join the rest of the house (right now she’s staying in our den, separated by a screen from the rest of the house in order to get her used to the other cats first).



4 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

    1. Lots of practice! 😀

      “Color Affection” is nothing but the knit stitch. After a while it all just evens out. When I first started knitting (and even after I picked it back up after a long absence) my stitches were all over the place, and only with the repetition did it even out to be so neat.

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