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Spring 2013

No, not the season. The Semester. Classes started on Tuesday, and though I only had 3 days of them (I have Friday’s off all semester) it was still incredibly hectic. The first few days of class always is. Said hectic atmosphere included the bookstore not having three of the five books I needed for one of my history classes.

So this semester I am taking:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Topics in Writing: The Book
  • Topics in History: Cities of the Middle East
  • Microeconomics
  • Tudor and Stuart England 1485-1614


On the knitting front, things have been going smoothly. I got back to where I was before I frogged Granny Cheyne, and am even a little beyond there now. (Though the picture is a couple days old at this point, sorry!)


I’m currently in the middle of repeat 19 (I think… it might be 18) and things are going smoothly.

My sky scarf is also coming along:


That’s the first 12 days of the year right there. I’m a bit behind in the actual knitting of it, but I’ve been keeping track of my impression of the sky color every day and knitting each day’s two rows basically when I get around to it, but it’s slowly growing. I do think I like the look of the stockinette rather than the garter, it shows off the colors better in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Spring 2013

  1. Hope your semester of classes goes well. 🙂 Your lace is beautiful. I love the idea of your “sky scarf”. I agree that the stockinette shows the colors off very nicely.

    1. Thank you!

      The original version of the “Sky Scarf” is done in garter stitch, but since I’m not knitting it in lace held double, I felt that it would muddle the colors.

    1. That’s exactly what you do! I went with five different colors for bright blue, pale blue, cloudy, overcast, and stormy, but there’s a lot of ways to personalize.

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