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Wrist Warmers

At the end of last week (right when things were the coldest) I cast on for a pair of Natalya fingerless mitts. Well, they’re not quite fingerless. They have those shortened fingers.

I had originally started knitting them on US8 needles, but they were just too big and too lost for my taste. I’m using some Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I got over the holidays in a lovely blue-green which Berroco calls “Oceanic Mix”.

I frogged what I’d done on the US8’s and re-cast on this morning on US7’s and I think they’re coming out much better.

This morning:


And tonight:

They’re actually a really quick knit.

Also, I’m on pattern repeat 19/84 for the Granny Cheyne shawl. Two more and I have all the points for one side!

And day by day the Sky Scarf is growing. Today was most definitely a dark grey day (it snowed pretty good!).



6 thoughts on “Wrist Warmers

  1. Texting gloves, I guess could be a name for the type of mitts that have the shortened fingers in them. I really like those with a bit of finger as they hold the mitt in place and close off some of the opening from the cold air that likes to sneak in around the open area of the mitt, yet you still have your fingers free to operate devices or find keys, etc. Lovely color on your mitt project and I’m fascinated by your “Sky Scarf”. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I had a lot of time, and I only did about half of the repeats the pattern called for simply because I have small hands/arms. I’m even farther along now and hope to start the second one soon.

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