The Flu

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the flu. I think I was a Sophmore or Junior in high school. So it’s been a while. I consider myself lucky that I made it half way through my 20’s without getting it. You’d be surprised how quickly things can travel on a college campus, and I haven’t gotten a flu shot in years. Guess this year my luck was up.

So if you were wondering why you hadn’t heard from me in a week, that’s why. I had a slight throat irritation Tuesday nigh. Wednesday a cough from hell that hurt like it too. Wednesday they thought it was bronchitis. Z-pack was prescribed and the standard response if you’re not better in two days come back. Well, by the time Friday morning rolled around things were worse. I was running a fever of 100.7F (which, for me, having a normal temp somewhere around 97.4F) which is really quite high when you think about it.

When I called the doctor’s office I’d barely managed to squeak out what I needed to say. My voice had disappeared sometime in the night between Thursday and Friday. I couldn’t get a ride until that afternoon. Thinking fast (and with some prompting from an Aunt via text) I called my boyfriend. I knew he had work, but I asked him if he could spare a couple hours to take me to the doctors (trust me, I was in NO shape to take myself).

He took the day off, and cared for me the whole weekend.

Yesterday I was feeling better enough to be a troublesome patient. And I still couldn’t go to school today. I’m planning to head in in the morning though. I think one more night of good sleep is what I really need to kick this thing. That and they gave me Tamiflu on Friday which I’ve been very careful to remember to take on time and that’s helped a hell of a lot too.

And what does all this mean? Zero knitting was done Wednesday through yesterday and I only got a few rows of stockinette done today. Being so weak from being sick that I couldn’t hold onto the knitting needles was the main reason no knitting got done, even though I was sitting around for days. The other reason is that some of the stuff they put me on made me so loopy I could only sit there, my mind somewhere in the vicinity of the Andromeda Galaxy. They give you some powerful stuff when you’re sick.

Did I mention they stuck a fancy Q-tip up my nose when they checked me for the flu? Yeah, it was one of those quick tests that give you an (almost) instant response. But it involves a fancy Q-tip up the nose. My gag reflex kicking in did nothing, as there was nothing to gag (my nose hurts just remembering it).

So there’s no knitting. BUT I’ve almost kicked the flu. I’m no longer contagious or really that sick, just a lingering cough and I’m heading back to school/work tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t relapse with all the cold air!


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