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Some Progress

School is taking up much of my time, as it always does. Taking Junior and Senior level classes means that I have even more work than before. I don’t mind though. My classes are interesting and fun (okay, maybe accounting isn’t fun but it is interesting) and I do enjoy taking them.

Now, onto the knitting!

I’m still on the brim of the KAL I’m going. The pattern is Wurm. It may not be terribly complicated, but I have a lot of in progress projects and I’m finding my time split rather unevenly between them. We’re about halfway through the month though, so if I buckle down I should be able to get it done before the 28th.


I’ve also made some progress on the second of the Natalya mitts that I’m working on. I’ve slowed down on those because it hasn’t been as cold sitting at my desk at work so I haven’t felt the need to finish them quickly. Though I have a feeling if I don’t finish them soon all the snow will have melted by the time they’re done!


Next update (my I have a lot of these today don’t I?) Is the hood line for my Neville Cardigan which is coming along nicely. I’m about half of the way through it. It’s just plain stockinette so it’s good TV knitting. Though I do have to pay attention to the row count!


Lastly, my Granny Cheyne shawl that, as I’ve said before, is my big project for 2013 (well, this and the Sky Scarf). I’ve finished just over a quarter of the outer edging. 23 repeats right now. It’s 21 per side. I’m hoping to have 42 by the end of March, but we’ll see how it goes :).


That’s it for now!

I hope everyone who got snow is finished digging out!


3 thoughts on “Some Progress

    1. There’s a KAL group on Google+. The community is called “Knit Along on Google+”. Check it out! There’s some very nice people there. If you have a G+ just search under communities and you should find it.

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