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Almost Finished

I’m almost finished Baktus. It’s not the most difficult of patterns (in fact it’s incredibly easy), it’s just taken me forever to get close to finishing it with all my other projects (and school!). It’s an ingenious little pattern that goes by the weight of your yarn rather than the length. I love the idea for using up single skeins of yarn that you can’t really do too much else with. It makes a great little kerchief to use for something.


As you can see, I’m almost done! I just need to actually get off my butt and finish it.

After the storm this morning I thought it was absolutely lovely out. Too bad it was overcast or it would have looked brilliant.


Everything just looked so pretty!

One of our cats has also decided that both yarn and hair are playthings:


That’s my curl caught in her claws. It wasn’t exactly the most comfortable of sensations. I snapped a quick picture before I pried it out of her paws. She’s quite the character! She also went after my knitting, but I didn’t get a picture of that.


Comments welcome! :)

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