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Sky Scarf: February

I finally managed to get caught up and knit all of the days in February. I’m still keeping track in my spreadsheet, so even if I get behind in the knitting I won’t get behind in keeping track.


There it is. From the white line to the needle is February. It was actually quite a stormy month (hence all the grey!). And March doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better!

Also, I came home to this yesterday:


Smokey had made himself comfortable on the dining room table, sending my mom’s ribbon to the floor. The white thing he’s sleeping on? A lap blanket I knit back in 2011 that my mom’s been using for her shoulders. He certainly made himself at home.

Lastly, I started a scarf I promised someone a while ago. It won’t be finished for this winter, but it should be finished for next winter. I’m lucky that Hufflepuff colors are close to Bruins colors because I didn’t have to go get yarn for it. 😉


Comments welcome! :)

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