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Buttons, etc.

I’m so close. Oh so very close to finishing my Neville Cardigan. All it needs is buttons. Pockets? Check. Button band? Check. Re-done shoulder seams? Check. Ends woven in? Check. Everything is done on the actual knitting. The buttons are all that’s left for the finishing of the sweater! 😀

I can’t wait to have it done. Can you believe I started that in August? It feels like it’s been ages and ages. I will say though, the button band was truly a pain in the a**. Or rather, a pain in the wrist. The weight of the sweater, hanging off the needles made my wrist ache. The next sweater I do is a going to be a pullover!

The buttons are getting bought today. I’m going into Boston today. There’s an old store that’s closing and they have always been known for their buttons. I probably won’t go with the plain black that are on the movie version of the sweater. I’m thinking silver might look nice.


I also plied the purple singles I showed a couple posts ago.


It’s turned out to be a 3-ply of approximately sport weight with about 100 yards. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but it’s going in my stash on Ravelry anyways.

Also, I started spinning the CVM/Romeldale  top I got a week or so ago. It smells very sheepy, but I’m sure that will face with time. Being stored in air tight plastic bags probably doesn’t help either.


The end of Color Affection is also drawing close (finally!). Other than the Neville Cardigan, it’s the only thing left from 2012 that’s still on the needles.


I’m in the middle of the 7th out of 8 repeats for the third section. I’m hoping to get to the border on the bus today. It should make a really nice shawl!


There was a mystery KAL that I started over the weekend. I won’t spoil it by posting any pictures before it’s over, but it’s certainly going to be interesting as I’m using some multi-colored sock yarn I had hanging around for a while.

Comments welcome! :)

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